7 FOOD SUPPLEMENTS to include in the diet of your dog

It is shown that a dog follows a varied diet or with suitable feed remains strong. In addition, your immune system will not suffer as it becomes larger. Still, there are dietary supplements that improve your mood if the animal has a vitamin deficiency. Something that can be difficult to control.

Many of the supplements listed below are related to the so-called BARF diet . We believe that your dog will find valuable feed occasionally with complementary foods such as these:

Salmon Oil

The Omega 3 is very important for the organism acid of these animals. We selected salmon oil as an example because it is cheaper and has a lot of this natural compound. But there are also other oils that can be used, such as chia oil, hemp or the knob. Although, as you will imagine, these are usually more expensive.

If you decant this supplement, you should keep in mind that too much Omega 3 is not favorable. Since you can increase cholesterol and, among other things, make your dog fattening, because this oil is fat … good fat, but fat after all. It is advisable not to give salmon oil more than 3 or 4 times a week. For intake, throw a trickle in his food, as if it were a salad.

Bone meal

Yes, it sounds extraordinary, but I swear there. Dogs need calcium to strengthen its skeleton, especially seniors furry . Bones are a very rich source of calcium and bone meal offers a lot of calcium without any risk.

Apple vinegar

It is assumed that this type of vinegar is right to avoid gas and digestive problems, in addition to relieving constipation. In short, it is suitable for dogs with sensitive stomachs. The important thing is that apple cider vinegar is unfiltered. To be sure, read on the label that is natural apple cider vinegar.


There are various food supplements for dogs made with algae. The good thing about these compounds is that they are a great source of minerals like iodine. Usually, the animals get this mineral by eating soil or plants. But in Spain the amount of iodine in the soil is meager, so a dog takes a tiny amount.

The mineral is especially essential for those dogs who suffer from thyroid problems. If you are interested iodine give your dog, it is recommended that you do with any product bearing algae. These plants always contain a large amount of this mineral.


This plant is highly recommended for complicated stomachs. Ginger acts as a natural gastric protector and combat problems such as ulcers or gastritis. Besides, its use is also recommended for dogs with pancreas problems because this food stimulates this organ.


Oregano is very common in every household and also is an excellent food supplement for dogs. This spice is recommended for intestinal and liver problems like spasms. Also, it is anti-inflammatory and expectorant, so it is useful to overcome diseases such as bronchitis and certain types of infections.


Unexpected, right? It turns out that berries, as blueberries and raspberries are a great source of vitamin C (vital for the immune system), magnesium, fiber, and vitamin K., This facilitates the control of several bacterial infections of the urinary tract. If you decide to give some of these fruits to your dog, keep in mind that are acidic. So that excessive drinking can cause heartburn. Do not exceed 4 or 5 pieces per week.

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