7 surprising ways in which your dog tells you “I love you”

Dogs can experience love, but express it in different ways and not just as human love. A time to say “I love you” furry have various ways you’ve maybe seen but have not been able to identify. We tell all expressions of affection Perrino.

Look at the eyes

The expert in the behavior of American dogs, Brian Hare, explained in an interview with The New York Times that dogs are set in the way we look at them. The researcher also notes that when your dog looks into your eyes, you are showing love. In the words of the expert, for this, it is another way furry hug.

Yawning when you do

It is known that a person sees another yawn, also yawns. Some studies suggest that this happens by so-called mirror neurons and empathy with the person who yawns. In the world of dogs. It is impossible to measure whether dogs are empathetic, but there are signs that a dog was sleeping while a human does it because the dog has joined that person.

Leaning on you, constantly

Leaning on his human is a sign of affection. Sometimes, a dog rests on a human because he is anxious, wants to do something or take him somewhere. But it is also a symbol of canine affection. Even sleep with their owner is usually a sign of love. It’s something dogs do with beings Trust brethren a litter, animals with whom they have confidence, the owners …

Curl up with you after a meal

He also an expert in animal behavior, Gregory Berns says in his book, “How we love dogs” if a dog that huddles with his master or mistress after eating, is a secure sign of affection.

Most dog lovers know puppies are motivated by food. But according to Berns, once a dog eats all his food, his next action can mean what is most important to him, besides eating.

Lifting and moving eyebrows

In a recent study in Japan, several dogs were taken with their owners and then with a stranger, a toy dog and an article that did not like. Seeing their owners, the dogs immediately raised eyebrows (especially the left), and when they saw a stranger, was much less facial movement, but the progress of his right eyebrow. However, when the animals saw a toy they knew and liked, they moved back left ear. But when they were shown an object that did not like, they did not move any listener.

The study suggests that the dog is more reserved when around someone who does not know or does not like something. Thus, research links the affection with facial gestures of dogs. When you leave home quietly observe it is easy to think that if a dog panic when you go, it ‘s a sign that you want.

That’s not necessarily true, according to Gregory Berns. The expert suggests that if your dog panics when you go, it’s a sign that they have an anxiety of separation that he loves you. If a dog voluntarily enters his cage or is quiet when you leave, it means that your dog loves you and trusts you and knows that you will return.

Flipper very strong when you return

This is just the opposite. Is pure love that dog tremendously thick bundle when you come home.

Wagging his tail and licks classic

This sign of love we have left for last because everyone who has a dog and even those who do not know these behaviors. Wagging his tail for a dog means several things, and one of them is love. This, added to that spend the day licking your face, it is a way of expressing affection.

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