BEATS DEPRESSION thanks to a dog with the same disease

The vitiligo is a skin disease that causes appear spots that may occupy large sections of the face or arms. This makes people who have it go unnoticed. For a nine-year-old boy, this can be especially hard. This is the case for Carter Blanchard, an American child who was diagnosed with vitiligo two years ago.

From the moment when his mother took him to the doctor for a stain that appeared to him and face and told him that he had the disease, his life changed radically. Explains his mother, looking in public began to be a problem for Carter. Go to school and attend birthday parties began to give fear, not wanting to be with spots on the face or that others see.

Rowdy to the Rescue

In this situation, her mother sought more information online about the disease and found something unexpected. He saw pictures of a Labrador retriever who suffered from vitiligo, the same illness as her son. The animal was named Rowdy.

The dog had been diagnosed with the disease in the same year Carter and had become a whole influencer in social networks thanks to the spots that ran over her body.

Carter’s mother contacted the owner of Rowdy. He told his story and asked if the child might have known the dog. The owner of the animal seemed a good idea; there was only one problem. Carter lives in Arkansas and Oregon Rowdy, and that’s a very long and expensive trip. To the surprise of the child’s mother, the family received $ 5,000 in small donations online to travel to meet the dog.

Finally, the child could know the dog and both connected at the time. According to his mother, Carter regained his confidence and had another perspective from which to look at their illness. Today, Carter’s mother seeks some way for your child to visit more often to Rowdy, who has become essential psychological support for the child.

Dogs and children, therapies increasingly used

Years is talking over therapy dogs for children with special needs or psychological traumas. It is found that the presence of these animals and interacting with them (pet and play) reduces stress, and the brain makes it easier to segregate ” good hormones.”

The University of California conducted research that highlights the benefits of these therapies in children with ADHD.

Currently, in Spain, this type of therapy is used with children with hyperactivity disorders, attention deficit, or have special needs. Experts point out that small is more comfortable with the therapeutic program if dogs involved. As in the case of Carter, therapy dogs can increase confidence, self – esteem, reduce hyperactivity, and improve attention skills.

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