COMING SAN ANTON: To get handsome christening!

Many dog owners take their pets to baptize the day of San Antonio. Although there is a religious background, many people do it for the fun of the situation. In Cartagena, the city where I’m from, a real festival is assembled in the neighborhood of San Antonio, where you can see from donkeys to snakes.

In Madrid, the party is not minor, and if between 13 and 17 January pass by the door of the parish that shares its name with the saint, located on Calle Hortaleza, you will see a lot of species of animals queuing.

Christening day dogs are often among the species most represented, turning the event into a parade perruno dozens of races.

Our fellow hairdresser and appeared on the television program Madrid Directo fixing dogs to this party. On that occasion, in particular, they set about to Maui, a bitch wolf Czechoslovak, our team. The result, as you can see in the video that is on the link, could not be better.

Besides, dog grooming team has told us some easy tricks to put our dog to the nines:

About brushing hair

A classic. Something does not seem essential for our furry paws has gotten into an outlet. The trick for your pet has a good look “ironing” is done with a suitable brush for hair type. According to race and style coat, thickness, and the number of brush pins change. It is not a good idea to always use generic brushes.

The other trick is to use special sprays to undo the knots that can organize in the fur. These products are generally used more often with the tantrums that have a very long or broad quantity hair.

About the bathroom

Never never never you ought to brush your dog after the bath, although it seems more logical. This is because wet hair tends to tangle more efficiently and, once dry, can be a good liar knot challenging to remove with a brush.

So it is best to brush the dog before putting it in the bathtub. A recommendation of our fellow hairdresser canine is to use unique soaps for dogs. Be avoided at all costs using the same detergents we use humans as the PH of the skin of these animals is more sensitive. Bath gel inappropriate dog can cause you skin irritation.

And now to enjoy the event

If you are in Madrid: do not miss the Feast of Animals 19 and 20 January.

If you’re in Barcelona: do not miss the Festival of Sant Antoni.

Why San Antonio is the patron saint of animals

Although the party is well known, many may not have clear why San Antonio was chosen to be the patron saint of animals. Well, here we tell his story.

Anton Abad and Antonio Abad was a Christian monk born in 251 AD in Egypt. Do you sound the monks’ hermits going from one place to another and that they had nothing ?, as San Antonio was the founder of the order.

With 20 years he sold his possessions, gave all his money to the poor, and went to walk around the world. His goal was to give up all the comforts and spend his life on the margins of society. He took this decision based on the religious beliefs of the time but carried it further.

Legend has it that he lived 105 years, dying in 356 AD.

He spent most of his life living in caves and occasionally interacting with other monks. Well, his relationship with animals counted in a text written by St. Jerome on the life of another hermit monk named Paul.

According to this story, San Antonio went to Paul and convinced him to become a wandering monk. Paul used to be visited by a raven brought him bread. San Antonio the day went to visit the young, the raven appeared with two pieces of food, and welcome to San Antonio.

After the adventures of Paul as a hermit monk, he died and St. Anton, hearing, sought the body. Once he found the deceased wanted to bury him but is already an older man, an activity, it was almost impossible. That was when two lions led a group of several animals to help the saint to bury his companion.

Because of this history, San Antonio became the patron saint of animals, and although they say less, it is also the patron of the gravediggers, because at the end among all the poor Paul buried.

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