Diseases in dogs by poor diet, learn to detect

Poor nutrition leads to problems such as muscle weakness and constant fatigue. But if the dog remains inadequate nutrition over a more extended time, you may have illnesses. And not just because their immune system will suffer due to lack of nutrients, but because poor diet also affects the intestinal flora of the animal.

We explain the most common diseases among underfed dogs:


The great known for all owners / as hairy. Diarrhea can occur for a myriad of reasons. So if your dog suffers ever not necessarily mean it is underfed. If, however, “usually leave variety” very often, it may be that the diet still is not the most correct.

Constant diarrhea can tell us that perhaps the dog is allergic to something you are eating. May not tolerate gluten or lactose. It is best if the situation extends over time, acids the vet to find out what is wrong.

Inflammation of the esophagus

If your dog has a swelling of the throat, it may be because what you eat will damage this part of the digestive tract. This usually happens with meals harder texture or bones. Not all dogs can eat them. The signs of an inflamed esophagus often difficulty breathing and swallowing problems because the affected area usually hurt the animal when you try to consume food.


The great forgotten by many owners / as. Dogs can be allergic to many foods, like humans. It is vital to find out whether the animal is allergic to any food we give it.

Furthermore, gluten, milk, and wheat, dogs may also be allergic to particular compounds of the feed, like flavorings, fats, or proteins dyes.

The signs of an allergic reaction usually trouble breathing, itching, skin redness, or scaling, among others. Your veterinarian is who can help you detect which compound is allergic food or your dog.


Acute gastritis type is one of the most common diseases among dogs. It may occur as a result of an allergic reaction, but also due to infection bacterial. Spoiled food can cause this disease.

Most often, this disease is easy to avoid, have to prevent the animal eat foods that are not fresh or that we suspect may be outdated. This type of gastritis would be something like indigestion in humans.

Do you know the natural feed that benefits the health of your dog short and long term?

Signs of a poor diet

In addition to diseases, dogs show signs of having a poor diet, and we must learn to see them. The first thing to draw the attention of the owner / a is a shallow energy level, little desire to play or notice that the dog sleeps more than usual. Like humans, if they are malnourished, they do not want to do anything because they do not have the strength for it.

The loss of appetite, although it seems contradictory, is another sign of a poor diet. Stomach problems manifest superficially with constant flatulence and diarrhea.

The dog may also have problems of overweight as a result of a diet too rich in fats. Although a clear indicator is the weakness of the immune system, which will cause the animal is always sick. You may catch cold more easily or have internal inflammations steadily.

Finally, and in more severe cases, the dog may experience hearing problems. It is proven that an allergic reaction to food can lead to hearing loss.

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