Do dogs as we fell in love humans?

It is more than possible that your dog does not go out to dinner with his date, but some experts say they can fall in love in their way. For humans, understand the emotions of dogs can be tricky because you do not know what they feel inside. But the nearly 100 years of scientific research helps us understand how emotions work dogs.

Humans have words to label the feelings we experience as fear, sadness, guilt, and love. Dogs do not have those words.

The expert used MRI scans in the brains of dogs when receiving positive stimuli. Thus, Berns discovered that dogs have parts of your mind with identical human purposes and, therefore, may experience feelings like ours.

“Even if your language is not the same as ours, dogs share some version of our emotional experiences,” says the researcher.

Berns notes that although dogs do not have a word for “love” does not mean they do not feel. “In defining how dogs feel love, we must consider what show by their behavior.”

Love brain responses in dogs

The research indicates that thanks to their brain capacity to feel love, dogs seek each other when separated, they feel happy when they get together, protect each other, they feed each other, raise their children together, then, of course, non – human animals “love.” In other words, the social bond and devotion are evidence of the behavior of love.

If your dog decides to spend time with you, not just because you feed, really cares about you. There is also brain-based evidence to show that dogs experience love. In another interview with the New York Times, Dr. Berns describes an experiment in which his team gave several dogs and other snacks, appetizers them with verbal praise.

When they compared their brain responses, they found that the reward center of all dogs was activated with the same intensity, just being fed by humans and regardless of praise. In other words, dogs love humans at least as much as they love the food.

Dogs and romantic love

We know that dogs experience emotions and seem to show respect. But can dogs fall in love like romantic movies? Science says more or less. Dogs do not share the concept of romantic love in humans. But it does demonstrate behaviors, passion, and devotion linked to the feeling of love. Also, dogs share with humans one of the most reliable biochemical indicators in love: oxytocin, also known as “hormone of love.”

Many studies, including this 2014 study from the University of Tokyo, found that the brains of dogs release oxytocin during their interactions with fellow humans and dogs. Oxytocin plays a vital role in social ties to both humans and dogs. Thanks to this compound are formed and strengthen the bonds between parents and children, friends and, yes, romantic love interests.

Your dog can not fantasize about a romantic dinner in Paris but can form permanent and lasting links with other animals. If your dog has a “best friend” in the dog park, or curl up on the couch with your cat, you may be in love!

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