FUELING A BEAGLE: What to eat and what to avoid this race

Among dog, experts have a saying on the Beagle that says better quantity than quality. This saying refers to the insatiable greed of this race. It is generally a gentle and obedient dog. But it comes to eating. They are real beasts.

Despite their ability to eat vast amounts of food, the right amount of food should vary depending on your height, age, sex, and weight. The standard measure of this breed is 33 to 40 centimeters tall adult and between 9 and 18 kilos of weight by gender.

Below we explain how to calculate the necessary amount of food for Beagle.

What to eat to be healthy Beagle

The first important step for feeding a Beagle is accustomed to a certain amount of food, because, if for them, eat nonstop. It is essential to start work this puppy in the period. You are not should give more than one – fifth of its weight at every meal quantity.

There is a theory that, unlike with other dogs, a beagle will be fed irregularly. That is, without specific times to eat. This is because the appetite of this breed tends to vary throughout the day and ask the animal can be fed one or two hours before the last meal.

During the period puppy, a beagle must feed 3 or 4 times daily. Once in his youth, it can give you two meals pretty loaded. It is essential to pay attention to diets high in a variety of vitamins, trace elements, and minerals. This is because it is a very energetic dog, and it is caloric wear can be higher than other races. These are some of the recommended feed taking into account the characteristics of the breed:

  • Go! Sensitivity Shine Salmon
  • Acana Classic Wild Coast
  • Nutro Adult Lamb & Rice

In adulthood, it is interesting to supplement meals with lecithin. This compound helps control cholesterol and aids digestion and absorption of fats. The Beagle is a dog with a tendency to put on weight if you do not Deport e. But lecithin can help you correct the elimination of less healthy fats.

Streptococcus faecium and Lactobacillus acidophilus are probiotics that would ensure a good intestinal flora. Support digestion, prevent the proliferation of bacteria in the digestive system, help prevent gastric problems, and help the body deal with stressful situations correctly.

Calculate the amount of food for a puppy

As we said earlier, a Beagle must be taught to eat from the cradle. For this, it is imperative that we know to calculate the amount of food that must be given throughout the day. It is essential to look at the puppy ‘s activity level (the more active you are, need more food) and the size of their parents.

This is how experts estimate the amount of food needed. It is essential that also count on the advice of your veterinarian and expert on dog food.

An erroneous indication is usually done with Beagle is that carbohydrate intake must be reduced to prevent obesity and nutritional imbalance. This is not entirely true since the amount of carbohydrate metabolism and activity varies dog.

However, if it is advisable to use accessories such as omega three and B vitamins, these compounds can be purchased in oils or pills and mix them with exceptional food for puppies. On the feed, it is advisable to seek the most natural with quality ingredients with a creamy base in protein and supplemented, if possible, with glucosamine.

We must also try the three main ingredients feed the puppy not containing cereals or flour or meat byproducts.

Recommended for Beagle puppy average amount is divided into three meals a day about 70 grams per meal until it reaches nine months of age. It will then go two intakes of 90 grams, varying the feed. These are some of the recommended feed puppies of this breed:

  • Taste of the Wild High Prairie Puppy
  • Pet Planet Puppy Chicken and Rice
  • Orijen Puppy

A few general rules

We do not believe to be applied to food standards generals any dog. Every dog has the characteristics of race and of itself. So it is best to study each case experts. However, yes, there are some guidelines and certain foods that benefit the breed.

Wet food

These foods work well with this breed because they offer excellent energy contribution to this dog so active. Moist foods have become so popular among owners of this type of animal. There are several products exclusively for Beagle. These foods contain a large amount of fat, fiber, and fatty acids for life empacharían any other dog that was not as active as a Beagle.

Overweight in adulthood

Although the Beagle is a dog eat to infinity, does not mean you become overweight quickly. In adulthood it is when food is going to eat . If it is seen that the animal begins to get fat, we must lose some amount of food.

We must be careful with how we reduce the amount of food because, considering the rapid metabolism of this race, not give less food than you could sicken and weaken. Typically, if the animal carries a proper diet for your competition, and will not put on weight in their energy fullness.

Other guidelines for the life of the Beagle

  • No change your mealtimes. Beagles should always eat at the same times, so they do not generate eating disorders.
  • At least 3 hours of daily exercise.
  • Avoid food intakes before making walks or sport. It could lead to bloat.
  • If our Beagle tends to eat very fast, buy an anti-comedy voracity or to replace one toy KONG with AutoFill food to entertain the dog food shows.

Higher should not eat the same

Beagle is right that they eat a lot and, although in adulthood coma for four and not fattening things can change reached the senior stage. This is because the metabolism starts to slow reached this point in life. To prevent overweight, it is advisable to vary the type of feed, not the amount. That is, start giving the animal feed and types of meals made for older Beagle. This is the only way to ensure that the dog maintains adequate food for energy and that will not increase body fat.

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