FURBO tested, the interactive camera for dogs

Furbo is an interactive camera that allows you to monitor your dog from your mobile device when left alone at home. The night vision system has a sensor that detects the barking dog treats launcher and a speaker.

You can see the dog on your mobile phone, where you can interact with the animal tossing him a treat or talking through the speaker of Furbo.

We tested Furbo with Tango and Conga, dogs of our colleague Anna, two cases for which this device can be beneficial (one greyhound with anxiety and cachorrete). The first thing we highlight as owners of hairy is the tranquility offered to see your pet whenever you want.

In the case of Tango and Conga, they did much more than being thrown in her bed during the time we were out, but at least we knew for sure they were okay.

The picture quality is excellent, and the night vision works great.

Sweets and throwing it depends on how each dog. Tango, our intrepid Teckel pocket, threw himself like a kamikaze for all Furbo while throwing Conga remained sprawled passing the subject.

Soon leaving the floor and take some beers, we had already forgotten the issue of Furbo until Ana received a notification on your mobile. The camera had detected a bark and told us this message.

Once we enter the application to see what was happening on the floor, apparently, Conga barking to greet the neighbor’s house next door, which had just arrived. “Nothing, it always does, every day. Then you hear the neighbor’s door. True story, I swear, “Anna told us.

Although it was quiet, we see the efficiency of the sensor barking. It works! In case something terrible happens, the camera alerts you, and in seconds you can see what’s going on in the house.

Occasionally, if the dogs espabilar, we told them something micro. They are approaching the camera and watched curiously. The situation was funny.

A different, full set of possibilities

In conclusion, we found Furbo a product that gives a twist to the surveillance cameras for dogs as it makes a difference because of the high level of interaction allowed.

To conclude the review, when we returned home, we collected the opinions of our experts’ doglike couple. Tango, which is still very young, had not learned very well the topic of the camera and just wanted to go outside to fuss while we Conga replied: “I do not eat the head. I was here asleep, and I have not heard of any camera. Have you seen the neighbor has suddenly become today? ”

And, Furbo has gone unnoticed for both, as for dogs, is nothing more than a decorative object. Better and better!

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