Rayla quips that the look suits him. His accessories of choice are brown finger-less gloves and a red scarf. He tells him that he's heard it before, that magic isn't his destiny, but he knows the Sky Arcanum and needs to know all the magic he can. It also contains notes from other characters who have "borrowed" his book at various times. After making him promise not to tell anyone, they show him the egg. The Dragon Prince season 2 ~ rayla and callum. Callum was said to likely become the first human Archmage in the future of the show. She showed him the Moon Nexus, the place where moon primal energy was the strongest. He speaks of the times that he made fun of him and knocked him down, asking if he remembers. Callum casts the spell using the rune and they are all able to breathe normally. It is known as the Key of Aaravos and said to unlock something of great power in Xadia. She insists it's all her fault for failing everyone, that she's not good enough. Callum has dark brown, neck-length hair. Bait comes down with him, and Callum explains to Bait why he doesn't want to open the letter. He, however, finds himself facing another group coming from the other side. Fanfiction Callum Rayla The Dragon Prince This fanfiction is about Rayla and Callum switching places, the cover image inspired me a lot. I Can't wait to see their interactions with Callum. feeling discouraged, Callum goes back to camp. Soon, they would face the great lie of history - people would tell them that history was all about strength, but really, that was just power. He explains to Callum that the message they encountered was not, in fact, a warning, but rather a solution. Rayla tells him that she agrees that some humans are evil, but Callum is not. She finally tells him to hold on to her. She tells them that they stick together and she thought he'd like them. He talks with Ezran, who shares that he, too, had a tough day. But upon entering the tower Callum was angry that Viren blocked his path and responsible as to why the Moonshadow Elves were invading the castle as well as knowing that his father would put him in chains for this. He falls back, allowing his entire head to be covered in a clown wig of Adoraburrs. He shouts to his forces that Ezran has brought help, emboldening them. Considering the spot where Zym's egg used to lay he asks "What really happened here?" He tells Rayla that it's crazy how everything there resonates with Primal Energy. The two reach the edge of a cliff and Callum wonders how they will get down. He says it's not what he was expecting, that he wasn't saying those things so she would do that. Then, it reverses and the Primal Stone is back in Callum's hands with him looking through it. Callum is the Prince of Katolis. Later, when they find the tree they were looking for, Ezran says that there is no miracle healer. He flies and catches Rayla, while Viren and his Aaravos caterpillar familiar tumble to the ground. One of them does, but the other won't come. Then he flies her up and away, into the sunset. When he looks past his stubbornness, Buck doesn't really blame him. Ezran agrees that it feels great to not be doomed. He follows after and, as he does, Nyx smiles. for the first time, Callum masterfully commands the skies on his new wings, being able to fly with a passenger in an improvised free-fall rescue.[3]. She tells him to save some of the googly-eyed amazement for later, as they still have a mission, and she's taking him to her home, promising to show him special if they get there by dusk. Callum asks if it's safe and she replies that it is if he holds on tight. Affiliation He yelps in terror as Kasef roars at him and starts to flee. Jack De Sena. She tells him that she understands now that "they" didn't make it - that she was the only member of the assassin group who survived. TDP Official Website - Item Reveal: Callum's Sketchbook, https://dragonprince.fandom.com/wiki/Callum?oldid=31525, With his arm movements, Callum can change the direction of his wind breath, which he used to trap. Rayla tells him that it's too dangerous and they have to wait until sunrise. He also discovered a passion for art and began drawing on any available surface inside the castle at a young age. Phoe-Phoe collapses and Callum hugs Ezran as he despairs, believing her to be dead, then watches Ezran's relief as he claims a feather and realizes that since Phoe-Phoe is a Moon Phoenix, she will be reborn. Step-Prince (by Soren)Lord Stabbington (by Soren)Wise Mage (by Rayla) Callum asks Ezran if he's okay and he replies that he is. Upon meeting his father he got a sealed letter, containing an important message for him and to only open it when he knows the time is right. Callum marvels at it, saying that it must be the biggest in the world. Evil Callum tells Callum to accept that he will learn dark magic. She has to go down to get her foot. Callum helps Rayla get him out of the water. She tells him he's already weird and to hold on. Reuniting with Rayla and Ezran, Callum was informed upon a single word they'd go back but he refused to realize that returning the egg was their best hope of achieving peace. Once there, he along with Rayla tried to convince Runaan to stop the mission but when he wouldn't Callum fled with his brother after he hid Ezran, he left to talk to the king. Ezran tells him that he knows and flies off. She tried to explain the Moon Arcanum to Callum, but he didn't understand - he is 'only human.' He races to follow her. When Rayla comes back, Callum sees that something is wrong and asks about it. Thanks to Bait, they escape through the hidden chambers and continue to run but they hit a dead end. Claudia conducts a magical farce, serving as a distraction that allows Viren to gain access to the cavern. In the beginning, they are seen running through a forest and then ducking behind a tree. He closes his eyes and recalls a spell cast by Lujanne - Historia Viventem. Callum (The Dragon Prince) EcstasyCheese. Callum slowly slides across the ice and takes the egg from Ez, but when he tries to take it back, the ice cracks under his feet, and he tries to pass it on to Rayla, apologizing for arguing earlier and that he trusts her, but she insists on explaining everything to them first. While Ezran plays with Bait and Zym, Callum says "I hate him," referencing the statue, identified as the dragon Avizandum, who killed his mother. He agrees if she doesn't think it would be weird. At the Moon Nexus, he did not want to believe Rayla when she said that Claudia and Soren were planning to spring a trap until she, with the help of an illusion, provided proof of her claim. Let Rayla's parents out of those damn coins. When Bait burps, the snow comes down and Callum uses Aspiro to protect everyone but they are still buried in snow but easily get out. The Minecraft Skin, Callum || The Dragon Prince, was posted by miletskyfarlaf. Callum initially was not good at drawing either, but he improved with a few years of practice.[10]. Afterward, when the cube was near the Sky Primal stone he noticed that the Sky rune glowed. He realizes what Ezran means and does the spell so that Soren can breathe the rarified air of the mountain. #the dragon prince #tdp #callum #rayllum #rayla x callum. They sneak forward and seem to escape Sol Regem's attention at first, but Zym's loud whining and struggling give them away. Callum is sad but respects his decision and vows to help him once Zym would be safely returned. Callum is a skilled sketcher and painter, as can be seen with several sketches that he has illustrated and displayed in his room in the Katolis Castle, as well as drawings that he has done in his sketchbook. Callum doesn't think it's good proof, and that he's known Claudia and Soren for years, which Rayla didn't have. He begs Ibis to teach him. Callum tells Rayla how brave she was, and kicks away the boat so she wouldn't have to be afraid. This makes him the first human in recorded history to use Primal magic without the use of a conduit. After this realization, and when he woke up from his dark magic induced coma, he was substantially more confident and assertive than before. She tells him that it runs deeper, but he insists that no matter what she calls it, it's just pride. Nyx asks why Rayla saved her even she betrayed her. She tells him that she's a mess, that she's lost everything. She gives him her necklace, asking him to remember her. That night, the group gathers inside the cave and Callum outlines their situation. He's an awkward fit for the role of a prince: Callum can hardly hold up a sword, he falls off every horse he tries to ride, and he isn't quite sure how to act around his stepfather. But ironically, he has the same sense of humor as her. As he reaches the peak, he witnesses Rayla rush Viren head-on sending them both falling over the edge. which Ibis wore on his own arms. But Ezran would keep going, so Callum decided to as well. Read Wounded from the story The Dragon Prince: Rayla x Callum by ABitchWhoDontLikeYou (QuarantinedBitch) with 8,434 reads. Age After removing the ballista's spear, they are forced to flee when Soren and Claudia come in search of the dragon with a group of soldiers. Callum found his way to the library and then saw Claudia doing magic with the Sky Primal Stone which left him amazed. He tells her that the big, angry, blind dragon is blocking their way into Xadia and asks what they should do. Thanks to our amazing fans, The Dragon Prince Original Graphic Novel Through The Moon made the New York Times Bestseller list! Callum is the first to realize that all the food was just grubs covered in an illusion. They are then frightened by a spooky sound, and Ezran wants to see what's making it. Callum was practicing his sword fighting under the tutelage of Soren. ", which enables them to use magic wings. He wanted him and Ezran to reject history as a narrative of strength, and instead let it be a narrative of love. She asks him if he remembers Runaan, the leader of the assassins. The human alliance led by King Viren start an assault on the dragon's lair, the surviving Sunfire elves are determined to protect the dragon prince at all cost. She tells him that this is where her parents ran away. I am not going to make Callum a tough assassin, but he is trained on it. But as they walk across, the sun starts to rise, causing the runes on the path to disappear. Callum was the stepson of King Harrow, however, he wasn't very good at anything that princes do. He confirms that this is so, that he's rallied the kingdoms of Xadia and also used the magic of the Sunfire Elves to turn them into beasts. As the pace becomes increasingly grueling, Callum asks just how tall the mountain is and Rayla suggests that they should rest. Nyx explains that the Ambler's foot got stuck in a hole made by the Soulfangs. They are unable to hear Rayla shouting that Bait is in trouble and wash up on the side of the lake while Rayla is fighting the monster off. Callum tells her it's because Rayla is a hero, someone who saves people and is brave. She asks if he's surprised to see her face and Callum asks if he can hear her. As his dream fevered state of him being plunged into an ocean continues, Callum is guided by his mother upon explaining his problems of learning magic to her. Despite this, he developed a good relationshop with Harrow and Ezran. Debut Afterward, Callum tries to make a connection to the Arcanum by going to the top of the windmill where the lightning was striking and wanted to take Zym, but by making to the top Callum realizes that it was wrong to risk his and Zym's life on wanting to learn magic. They have to do it. She asks if he's supposed to be an Earthblood Elf. The first thing they do during Callum's lessons is to go to the Moonhenge, where, thousands of years ago, Moonshadow Elves performed special rituals. Rayla draws her swords and Callum takes up position behind her, but she says they've forgotten something. Back to a time when we were lesser beings! Cuz he is so cute Download skin now! She reveals that the only way to help the egg would be to hatch it in a storm. When suspicious of others, he can come off as something of a jerk and untrusting towards them. He then recounted Sarai's last words to him - "I will see you on the other side." They continue their journey and Callum realizes that the higher they go, the more the moon rune on his cube glows. He replies that Ezran would know how to keep him quiet, saying that they just need to trust each other. She facepalms as he continues the act, but Zym seems amused. He surveys the battlefield and girds himself as the charge begins. He realizes that when Soren said their father wanted them home Rayla had known he was lying. Tags. Despite not being born a royal, Callum has the heart of one, putting the desires of others first before his own such as giving up his magical abilities to save Zym and keep everyone's hope alive. The monster that had previously been Prince Kasef clambered over the edge of the precipice at full speed, launching himself toward Callum and catching him off guard. Callum has one special birthday tradition that he always makes sure to find the time for: he draws the same picture of his family every year. She claims she's been authorized to fly Zym directly home, but Rayla tells her it won't happen and Callum gives a thumbs-up at this. And then, there was one last super-secret - bait secretly loved belly rubs. Gender Callum says that was the reason Ezran couldn't make friends. As they continue through the forest, Callum is amused by flowers that play music, which Rayla calls "melodaisies." He tries again, and it again fails. She kisses him and they both embrace passionately, clearly in love. They continue and reach the tree, where they meet the healer - an illusionist named Lujanne that created an illusion leg for Ava. Rayla fends off the Soulfangs as Callum and Zym watch in astonishment, then they all flee back to the Ambler. Hearing Zubeia's snoring, he ventures into her cavern. Rayla: Exactly! He went back to talk to Lujanne, who again said it wasn't possible. all the things he learns in this book. Rayla rushes to scale it using one of her blades, giving Callum the other. He notices that Rayla doesn't really react to his antics, just sort of frowning, and he comments that yesterday must have been hard for her. He decides on tossing the primal stone to Rayla. He casts the spell of mage wings, Manus, Pluma, Volantus! He cries in shock as they begin a terrifying plummet. She tells him that they will break the cycle and they hold hands and watch. Callum watches as she kills one serpent, but both of them can only watch in horror as the other bites the Moonstrider, turning it to stone. As Rayla and Claudia continue to argue, Callum asks if Viren didn't steal it why is it here and heard her say so the dragons and elves couldn't use it on them. Suddenly, they're on a boat but storm appears and Callum turns into a sail then, Callum is alone on the ship, trying to guide it. Everyone agrees. When Ezran dives into the water after it, he shouts out not to do it and tries to jump in after him, which Rayla stops him from doing. Ezran sees his drawing - their mom. He tells her that she's talking crazy - that he knows she's good, has courage, and a good heart. The group flies off on Phoe-Phoe leaving Soren and Claudia on the ground. Callum's scarf combines design motifs from his mother's armor and the uneven towers of Katolis. Sol Regem:I smell death! When Ezran questions him about his dream, Callum says it was about sandwiches and that when Ezra is older, they will have a heart to heart talk about them. When a living, leech-like creature comes from behind the other one, Callum shouts for them to initiate the plan, which they aren't ready for and mess up. Rayla then realizes the word for Callum's lightning spell - Fulminis. He returns to Rayla, who asks him if he got the elf to teach him "any neat sky spells," like "tornado punch" or "storm sneeze." She guides them to the edge of the desert, warning them of Soulfang Serpents and introduces them to her ride, an Ambler, a giant mount that can carry them safely above the dangerous ground. He picks up some dirt and holds the cube up to it for one of the runes to glow green, entertained by the idea of "magic dirt." Upon making it there, he gives Rayla a map on where to find the object however things were complicated when the boys Aunt Amaya came and tried to warn his friend that they were here. She begs Sol Regem to allow Callum to pass, but Sol Regem sniffs Callum and catches the scent of dark magic lingering on him. She introduces herself as an emissary from the Dragon Queen. As the stepson of King Harrow, Callum is the "step-prince" of Katolis. When the ice under Ezran's feet starts cracking, he tells him to not move. In the presence of primal magic, the key will detect the source of magic and emit a bright glow from the respective symbol. He sees a glow from inside his bag. He watches in shock as Claudia uses a dark magic spell, Noctu igne, to create a black inferno on the battlefield.