MADRID BUSES will become more dogfriendly

Furry may board buses in Madrid. The Municipal Transport Company (EMT) introduced an amendment last week in its current legislation to eliminate the rule that forced the dogs to travel in a carrier. Instead, they can upload all dogs to go bound and muzzled. Besides, animals have to go in front of the bus (between the front door and central), lying under the seat in which it is the owner or owner.

As reported by the EMT, access to dogs will be allowed every day except on weekdays between 7:30 and 9:00 am and between 16:30 and 19:00. Similarly, you can not go more than one animal per vehicle. The driver can prevent access if you think the bus is very crowded.

Thus, the EMT softens the rules to make dog-friendly transport. With the previous standard (the trasportín), many dogs could not use this means of public transportation, as only the smallest had access to it.

With this new measure, the bus almost equals the vicinity and the metro. The only regulatory change has been proposed and has not entered into force. The Executive Committee must approve the new standard of the Regional Transport Consortium Madrid and once through this filter must also be ratified by the Ministry of Transport of the Community of Madrid.

The paperwork will take time, and it is not known with certainty how much it will take to be active in the new regulations.

Transport dogs still raise controversy

Just as has happened on other occasions in which a regular service becomes dog-friendly space, the discussion appears on the scene. Some local media have gathered opinions of all kinds and, as indicated, users of this transport are divided.

Owners and others dog-friendly believe that the measure is necessary because dogs are part of the lives of many people living in the capital. Moreover, the arguments also included the ecological aspect. Animal owners can use public transport and not his vehicle. It should be borne in mind that, just in the center of the city there are 281,339 furry. All those owners and owners can move without polluting is very attractive for a city with so much pollution as Madrid.

On the contrary, some users believe that dogs annoy passengers. Something similar happened when Metro de Madrid made public that would allow furry to enter their cars. Still, we must wait to see how it evolves this regulatory change.

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