OVERWEIGHT DOGS reduce their life expectancy, how to solve them

Overweight and obesity is a danger to our pets because it is a factor that can cause serious illness. While the former is always a proper diet, other factors can fatten your dog, as a sedentary lifestyle or hormonal changes.

Given the race, metabolism, and eating habits that you have instilled in your pet, you can get a personalized healthy diet for the dog.

Check if your dog is overweight

You can analyze if your furry is slightly gained weight in two ways: first through observation. If parts of the bone structure can be easily seen that feeding means are inadequate, and too much pressure is decreasing. That is if you also noticed the spine, ribs, or especially hip, is below its weight.

After observing, you must go to feel the dog. If below the layer of fat and muscle get to think with your fingers, the spine and ribs do not worry. It’s a good sign. This means no more fat than necessary, and the animal is not overweight.

If, however, you do not get to notice the bones means there is a lot of fat and this is the beginning of overweight. Also check the abdominal circumference, if wholly covered by a layer of fat is that the animal is overweight.

According to general veterinary calculations, if the dog exceeds its ideal weight by 10%, you are overweight. But if the excess reaches 20%, it would be a case of obesity, which can lead to serious illness.

Should not eat what humans

The stomach of dogs is not made to digest the same food they bite humans. This can lead to intestinal problems, also, to gain or lose weight too. It is vital that the owner / adapted to feeding your pet a healthy diet for dogs.

A diet based on feed may be excellent if you know what you do. Your veterinarian and animal nutrition experts are vital to this goal. Choose a diet based feed this food varies by race, age, or particular needs of the animal. Why it is not there and choose a feed in a beautiful bag.

Note hormonal changes

Once the dog has been spayed, your body undergoes a series of changes. Several of these hormonal changes can take the animal to obesity. In this case, if you see your furry begins to fatten though you’ve changed the diet, it is best to pull exercise. Ask yourself, give longer walks, or engage in the same activities, such as playing with a ball, frisbee, or run chase.

Should fat, for this reason, it is appropriate to consult the vet since the tendency to overweight after sterilization varies between races as well as the animal’s age. You can also include in your diet low – calorie feed, but it all depends on the particular dog.

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