PLANS WITH YOUR DOG for San Anton in Madrid and Barcelona

Madrid and Barcelona have a gigantic program to celebrate the festival of San Anton 2019. All activities are contemplated for humans and dogs and are related to the animal world. This holiday season the animals are baptized in honor of San Anton, his employer. But besides the known baptism, we can find plenty of activities to do during the holidays.

I make a summary of the activities that we have attracted the most attention, but we leave programs linked in the texts.

Madrid (from 12 to 20 January)

The program Madrid kicks off on Saturday 12 with a sale of bagels in the church of San Antón, on Calle Hortaleza, from 10 am to 8 pm. The temple is known for his animalism, allowing entry to all living things and has water and food bowls for animals flock.

On Saturday 19 there will be an open day at the Center for Animal Protection of the City of Madrid from 10 am to 2 pm. The day includes a briefing, a site visit, and interaction with resident dogs which, incidentally, are up for adoption.

On Saturday and Sunday 20, the Cibeles Palace will open its doors to an exhibition of animal organizations that will offer a series of lectures on the situation of animals in Spain. The event also will feature a vegan food tasting, workshops, theater, and activities.

Also, during all the holidays there is a gastro vegana route consists of about 60 bars and restaurants downtown.

Barcelona (from 11 to 26 January)

Barcelona begins the festival of San Antón with the opening of the Festival of Folk International Tradicionàrius in the Plaza de Villa de grâce to 10 at night.

On Saturday the 12th there will be a correfuegos in the Plaza de Can Fabra at 8:30 pm. The fireworks show tells the story of how Satan tempted San Antonio. But for this plan, let your furry best at home.

Sunday 13 takes place one of the significant features of these celebrations in Barcelona. The cavalcade of the Three Tombs held on Sunday 13 in the middle of the city. The parade will involve all kinds of animals such as horses, ponies, dogs … Besides, the classic baptism will take place throughout the event.

Saturday 19 will be held another Cavalcade dels three Tombs. Same time and same place, but with the difference that there will be dances and traditional performances followed by a large tortilla of San Antonio. A kind of sweet roulade, mmm …

Sunday 20 there will be a famous 10 – kilometer race will begin at 9 am in the neighborhood of San Antonio. In the afternoon, at 7:45, the party will continue with another correfuego led by “devils” that will tour the center.

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