RECOGNIZE YOUR DOG KNOW YOUR MOOD just by looking at you

Dogs can interpret the mood of humans through observation and sounds associated with each feeling. In the same way, they can identify feelings in other dogs. This is the conclusion of two studies conducted both in the United States and Finland.

Both investigations certify that dogs can interpret human feelings. Studies also indicate that animals not only perceive the emotions of humans but also adapt their behavior to those feelings.

Intended to comfort if they detect fleeing sadness or anger if they feel their partner is linked to its ability to interpret emotions. Research explains that dogs can identify different types of facial expression, especially those that pose a threat.

Besides, the researchers point out that these animals reinforce their interpretations, relying on sounds. Thus, a cry with an expression of anger causes the dog to associate the sound with that feeling.

They react to perceived feelings

Research indicates that dogs are very good at reading and responding to human body language. Besides, they can deduce that shares will come out a person according to their emotions.

Experts suggest that dogs have evolved in using their human companions as social support systems in unfamiliar situations. Thus, it can understand that the identification of human emotional cues is a significant addition to this ability.

According to the researchers, dogs are also likely to learn how to react to certain sounds and facial expressions of their owners / as to be treated in a certain way. That is, the “face of guilt” of a dog when its owner berates him is a way of reacting to human feelings that the animal knows appease his human.

Still, experts say that this learned behavior should be studied in the future. At the moment, these works recognize that dogs possess the skills to interpret human emotions and act accordingly.

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