The United Kingdom has taken an essential step for the protection of animals and has banned the sale of puppies. Thus, one may acquire dogs and cats under six months of adopting them in shelters or buying legal hatcheries.

UK citizens are those who have decided through a referendum organized by the Ministry of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs.

With this measure, the United Kingdom intends to end the massive purchases of puppies that end up abandoned to grow. Also, the new policy aims to eliminate the middlemen between farms and buyers, who are considered responsible for separating the animals from their litters shortly after birth.

“This prohibition on the third party of small dogs and cats is part of our commitment to ensure that the very beloved pets in the country have a good start in life,” said David Rutley, Secretary of State for Animal Welfare in a note release issued following the application of the new law.

A bitch (the Moon speaks) suffered neglect after being bought as a puppy, and I can not be happier at this news. And, as a lawyer and legal specialist animal themes, I can only applaud the decision of the United Kingdom. I hope that this measure will serve as a beacon for other European nations. Dogs must raise their voices and demand our rights for ourselves and with the help of our human.

Purchased in December, abandoned in September

Animal exploitation is one of the evils most persecuted by activists in Spain. Organizations like veggieforanimals devoted exclusively to detect and denounce illegal breeding.

Spain is one of the European countries where dogs are abandoned. According to the Affinity Foundation, among dogs and cats, 138,000 animals are deprived of a home each year. A high percentage of these dropouts occur in summer. In many cases, it is dogs that were bought as puppies during Christmas …

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