SPAIN AND FINES 30,000 euros to those who mistreat their pets

Hitting an animal, submission to leave abusive situations and it is an offense under the Spanish penal code. Beat a dog or cat could result in a fine of up to 30,000 euros, in addition to being considered a severe offense.

Animal shelters have also been banned harmful for the animals as sacrifices. This particular measure is carried out because many shades sacrifice their animals if they are not adopted within 10 or 20 days to reach the refuge.

Four categories of a crime of animal abuse

The crime of animal abuse in the Penal Code divided into four groups, depending on the severity of the harm caused to the animal. We can find in these categories in Article 337 of the code:

Abuse basic

The underlying offense would breed and trade in animals illegally, besides causing any injury resulting from this activity. Sexual exploitation of animals is also included as an underlying offense. All these crimes can be punished by imprisonment of 3 months to one day in prison, in addition to disqualification from one year to 3 for the keeping of animals.

Aggravated abuse of character

Use weapons, instruments, objects, means, methods, or ways that are dangerous to animal life. The animal causes the loss of a sense organ or limb and mistreats an animal in the presence of a minor would be aggravating that can increase the chances of ending up in jail.

It should be clear that this refers not only aggravating the active abuse but also to passive. That is, if for example, a dog that injures the run ends up losing the injured leg because the owner has not taken him to the vet, this would be such a strong aggravating as if the owner himself would have mutilated.

In some Spanish communities, it is already an offense to leave an animal alone at home over 12h.

Mistreatment of grave nature

This mode is imposed on those who cause the death of an animal. Defendants may end up 6 to 18 months in prison. For four years they would also lose the exercise of a profession, trade, commerce and possession of animals. Again, stress that this law not only affects who deliberately kills an animal, but also to those who do not feed or allow his death passively.

Mild abuse

It affects those who mistreat animals cruelly not legally authorized shows. Persons convicted of this crime can lose their license for possession of animals from one to 6 months in addition to facing fines already explained above.

The law in other countries.

As we explained earlier, other countries took this step with much more advanced and, in some cases, more harshly. For example, Germany provides up to 2 years in prison for those who mistreat any way an animal. They are aggravating, but this is the base penalty.

France looks a little closer to Spain, and also fined with up to 30,000 euros and two years imprisonment for offenders. The Gallic country has aggravated cruelty, cruelty, and severe cruelty acts, especially towards pets.

America is more complicated because each state has its laws. New York, which is usually an example in the world of pets, imposes fines of $ 1,000 or one year in prison for torture, abuse or neglect.

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