SPANISH VETERINARY VAT reduction, approved by the government

The drop from 21% to 10% for VAT veterinarian has been approved by the Cabinet and is awaiting ratification by the courts.

Veterinary VAT reduction to 10% has been approved in the last Council of Ministers held in Barcelona. The measure is integrated with the Draft Law on State Budget. Article by Wild at Heart reviews site.

Now we need to the Parliament (composed of the Senate and Parliament) approved the project for 21% of the current VAT veterinarian thing of the past. Although it does not look so easy, because, for political reasons that have nothing to do with the animals, President Pedro Sanchez is encountering many problems to approve their budgets.

Veterinary Spanish Business Confederation ( CEVE ) indicates that the VAT reduction veterinarian is one of the oldest claims.

Pending the decision of the Courts

It is not the first time you come to an agreement to lower VAT veterinarian or a proposal which is then lying approved. So there is the possibility that courts reject this proposal.

Last year, a decrease of 11% VAT veterinarian and found opposition in Parliament. The Popular Party (PP) voted against and abstain Citizens.

The PP was in favor of the measure but introduced an amendment to the government to encourage community forums on the reforms needed to make the rebate. The change rejected, and the PP decided to vote against. Citizens abstained because they did not consider the proposal to be urgent.

For you currently follow the evolution of this proposal carefully and voting to be made in both chambers. I’m a bitch, and this VAT cut would benefit me directly. But despite that, I support this measure because I consider it a positive gesture of an entire country to the animal community.

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