STRESS IN Dog Grooming, how to reduce it

Much talked about style, aesthetics, hairstyles for special occasions, and trends around the world. But we have not yet designated a factor to consider when you take your dog to cut his hair: stress.

Be hackneyed, bound to be love while cutting their coat and put near a dryer, you can put your dog nervous. Although each is as it is, and some could give them the same, there are furry who spend bad at the hairdresser.

Better at home than at a hair salon

The first thing they tell us is that it shows when a hair salon in the home dog is done because it is a place known for the animal and it remains as a reason to be more nerves.

The dog sees the owner / A also helps, but our colleagues point out that if, in addition to the presence of the master, are also in the home, work more comfortable for everyone.

Sometimes hair salons can be very stressful for your pet. The smell of other dogs, the noise of machinery, and losing sight of the owner can affect the dog. However, if this happens and starts to be a problem, there are ways to solve the fear of hairdressing.

Let get used to the professional

All professionals I have spoken to write this post agreed that you could not get your haircut and the animal no more. But you have to take it easy and give the dog time. Some take longer to calm down than others.

Our colleagues emphasize the importance of knowing the signs of stress and calm of each animal. This way, you know if it’s time to start or continue haircut “knowing” as well as the correct way to present the dryer, scissors, water, to turn it into a pleasant experience.

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