The scratching post for the cat: which one and how to choose

Why is it important to have a scratching post at home? Cats constantly need to have something to claw on. Living indoors they usually target much-loved furniture, the ones most at risk are sofas. In a very short time, a kitten living in the house will destroy everything. The scoldings and the limits that you will try to give will not be of any use indeed, you will only get nervous. Choose the best cat scratching post.

Scratching is a natural thing, it helps to keep your cat’s nails clean and functional, at the visual and olfactory level it is a way to mark the territory. For scratching, the cat will choose places and objects in plain sight, reducing furniture and upholstery in a not very decent state. The scratching post is the solution: it will save the furniture. 

Let’s see in detail the steps to choose the best scratching post for your cat.


HEIGHT:  a scratching post with a capital T must be developed vertically, there are tall ones up to the ceiling but without exaggerating we can opt for a medium-sized one. The height is important as it will give the kitten a certain safety because it will be able to observe from above what is happening in the room where it is positioned.
STIMULATION: it must be stimulating with different shelves, with some bunks and maybe some hanging mice that make this tool attractive for your cat. The scratcher performs two important functions for the cat: rest and play. The rest of the cat must not be disturbed and an excellent bunk placed at the top will be a quiet place where you can sleep, at the same time some fun hanging objects will entertain the cat.
STABILITY: always to ensure safety it must be a stable and firm structure, otherwise the cat could get scared and not use it. That’s why during construction you have to be careful to fit the pieces and screws right.
MATERIAL: the material used to cover the structure must be suitable for scratches, therefore yielding and fraying.


It is known that the cat likes the main rooms of the house where he can control everything that happens. Usually, we can talk about three strategic areas:
the areas where they rest and relax given the propensity to get their nails done as soon as they wake up;
the areas where we spend most of our time and where they can be seen (eg the living room/living area or near sofas and armchairs);
the exit areas such as doors and windows where the cat can observe from above what happens even outside the home.


If you have more cats it is advisable to put more scratching posts. This is due to the fact that each cat wants to have its own zone of dominance. Even for a single cat, you can get more scratchers may be in different rooms and strategic positions.


Don’t be scared if the cat doesn’t seem intrigued at first or doesn’t use it, not all cats are immediately attracted to the new purchase. It takes time to get used to the new object. Do not force it and do not continue to put it on or inside the bunks, rather use catnip and dust the bunks: it will be an excellent attractant. Another way to teach the cat how to climb to the last platform is to use his favorite snacks (I used the cheesy ones: my kitty went crazy and after two snacks he got on the scratching post and never left it. ). Just place a snack (attracting the cat to that area) starting from the lowest platform and gradually go up. You will be amazed at how your cat will learn (even in weird and funny positions) to climb the various platforms.

If you are looking for a beautiful, functional, and economical scratching post, look at Zooplus. You can choose by saving among many scratching posts of all kinds, colors, and heights. Shipping is very fast and directly to your home, you will be satisfied. By clicking on this article, part of the proceeds will be donated to us so, at the same time, you will make your cat happy and help an animal in difficulty. 

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