Three dog adoption stories as Christmas present

Remmy, a survivor of three legs

Remmy history of an Australian Cattle Dog is proof that adoption can change the life of an animal. His story begins on the streets of Phoenix, capital of Arizona in the United States. At that time Remmy was a stray dog that had the misfortune of being hit by a car, being severely wounded.

The dog continued his pilgrimage to nowhere with one of its front legs shattered. The chance that the animal did pass in front of a cafe where a volunteer from the protective Arizona Humane Society was meeting with some friends. The boy spotted him and went after him. When he saw the poor conditions in which Remmy was, he called the organization and collected.

Meanwhile, a college senior named Brianna was in the room of his home with her boyfriend. Both were about to finish the race and made plans to move in together. I had talked about adopting a dog but still had not dared to take the plunge.

Brianna is leafing through Facebook while talking to her boyfriend when he saw the last post of one of his friends. The boy was voluntary in Arizona Humane Society and had they had found a stray dog with an injured leg and had to amputate to prevent his death. The text was accompanied by a photo of Remmy with three legs and smiling.

Brianna, as he later told the organization, fell in love when that smile and felt it was time to adopt a dog. He sent a private message to his friend on the social network to ask about the status of the dog. “Okay, we have had to intervene, but every day is stronger. It’s an adamant dog. By the way, is looking family, if you’re interested”, said the volunteer.

The next day, the young couple went to the shelter of the organization and began with the efforts for adoption. Currently, Remmy is happy with his mistress Brianna. ” Despite having three legs, it is a very energetic dog. She loves playing with other dogs, destroys their toys, and lie in the shade. I am very grateful to the shelter for the opportunity that Remmy part of our lives, “explained the girl to the Arizona Humane Society.

Pacino, a punching bag for dogfighting

The next story takes us to England. Specifically the London Borough of Camden, where Pacino lived. A Pit Bull that was used by its owner as a “bait dog,” or what is the same, a punching bag for fighting dogs. The animal was forced to face daily bigger and stronger he will train future for these illegal fighting dogs.

Pacino became so shattered by the bites of dogs fighting his owner thought he could no longer get much more from it. So he took him to a veterinary hospital for sacrifice with the excuse that it was a very aggressive dog because of their race.

Brittany veterinary Elder was on duty that day and was responsible for preparing everything for the sacrifice of Pacino. But when the woman saw the dog began to suspect. The animal got wounded, full of dog bites, indicating mistreatment.

But what gave the evil intentions of the owner was the dog ‘s behavior. The aggressive argument sank when Pacino licked the face of the woman who had to take his life. That was the first reaction of the dog when he was a veterinary fence. Of course, it did not seem to fit into violent behavior.

“At that moment I knew that Pit Bull was an angel and not an aggressive monster,” said veterinary later the protective BarkBox. Instead of sacrificing Pacino, Brittany took him home and soon confirmed her suspicions. The dog was not only not aggressive at all, but it was so tame that left disguise and posing for photographs.

When a fellow saves your life. The history of Whiskey

Brittany Hollander is a veterinary assistant nursing which was assigned to a clinic in northern England for a six-month internship. When she reached the center showed her peers throughout. It was the typical small outpatient provinces. Not bad for a fresh from the labor market.

Welcome during his visit, the group went through the room where they had entered into various animals. Hence the seriously ill were and who had stayed in the center for various reasons. Among the dogs that were there a black and tousled Fox Terrier called the attention of Brittany. The animal ignored human and seemed lost in his thoughts.

The newcomer asked a nurse what happened to that dog. The woman replied named Whiskey, and its owner had left him at the clinic when they detected a worm in the heart. The man said the Fox Terrier was very aggressive and was becoming a danger to your family.

Because of that, Whiskey took five months in the clinic, and the team did not know what to do with it. So, for the moment, the dog was a permanent resident of the center. As the days passed, Brittany discovered more about Whiskey: was five and a bad reputation among the clinic staff as it smashed everything in its path and even a day marked teeth hand a veterinarian.

The dog had managed to get rid of the parasite that nested in his heart, but though he was healthy, the team thought no one would take to be a problem dog. Whiskey showed silent and lonely, but when trying to interact with him, teeth bared and hid.

When Brittany had six months working at the center learned that the school management had decided to sacrifice Whiskey because it took too long in the clinic. She was horrified to hear that and tried unsuccessfully to find a family dog.

The only thing he could think was called her parents, south of the island, to ask them if they mind watching a time “a little rambunctious” dog. She explained that when he finished his practice back to the city and would take over the animal, but he needed to get him somewhere for the moment. They wanted to sacrifice and had to get him out of the clinic when earlier.

His parents agreed and Whiskey, instead of ending sacrificed, was in a van transport road south of England. The change of scenery was quite right since according to him his parents had to Brittany, the animal was adapted to the house to perfection.

Months later, the girl finished her internship and returned to his hometown. Whiskey recognized and, so far, have become inseparable. According to the auxiliary account, the dog does not bite any furniture or anything other than his toys. So, without seeking an intern saved a life and earned a friend forever.

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