Walk your dog: How often and how long should you?

There is no general rule for the number of walks and duration you need a furry. You need to study each dog to meet your needs. We teach you to organize the ride, depending on the type of furry you have.

One issue that has always been discussed and can further vary between an owner and another is the number of daily walks that is given to a dog and duration. The truth is that no amount nor a general term for all furry. Possibly the best thing is to adapt the dog according to your age, physical condition, and way of being.

Take a walk a puppy

Once past this period, the puppy can already go for a walk. Usually, the duration of the ride varies according to race. A tiny dog is anxious before a labrador, which, incidentally, are inexhaustible. Still, the period of the spins will not be very long.

But the most important objective to be met when walking a puppy is to learn to do their things away. It is precisely this reason that will define the number of daily walks. Usually, a puppy is more likely to urinate in the morning and after meals. Therefore, we should try to fit our schedules for this need.

We must match this time for the animal to learn to do their things away. Moment to be seized to make a party: give him a treat and verbal reinforcement will be enough for the small furry associate one thing with another.

Given all this, l or standard is the puppy wander from 3 to 5 times a day. The rides can be short since the intention is to do his business outside. And you’ll have to get tired playing at home.

And with an adult dog?

We assume that at this age furry know where to do their thing. Therefore, the ride plays a more functional role: to meet the physiological needs of the animal and allow him to leave home for a while. For this reason, the rides may already be less numerous than in the period puppy. Yes, it is recommended to be longer.

At this age, it is already advisable to take the dog to a park to ejercitarle and let him play with other dogs. For this reason, the rides can and should expand between 40 and 90 minutes. On the amount of walking it is not easy to indicate a specific amount. Given the length of these walks, it will typically take the dog about 2 or 3 times a day. In any case, you should never take the dog once a day. That will make you have to put up excessively, resulting in big trouble for him.

If you need help getting your dog so many times a day, we can find walker confidence near you!

Many experts agree that the best times to take a walk to an adult dog are the morning and evening. The first to empty the bladder accumulated at night and the second to download it before bedtime. Many dog experts recommend that early morning walk is longer and, throughout the day, take the dog into several shorter steps.

Walk with a senior dog

When a dog gets older often have special needs. The number of rides tends not to vary unless the animal has problems with his digestive tract or bladder. In such a case, you should get out more often than a healthy dog.

It is customary for the duration of the ride of a senior dog is shorter, as they tend to get tired earlier. You need to moderate physical exercise performed by the dog and not force.

When taking a dog for a walk, you should always take into account climatic conditions. But if we have a senior dog, this is especially important, more in summer. An older dog is more likely to suffer a heat stroke a young dog. I keep that in mind!

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