YOU MOVE? 7 tips to get organized taking into account your dog

How do you need to arrange your move so that your dog does not suffer trauma by changing place and the consequences of having to get used to a new space? Then we give several tips for your pet ideally suited to an apartment and not be disturbed site while you change your life. Aim!

1. Prepare your new home

Before you pack must go through your home and check what state are the supplies and electrical installation of your new home. The aim of this visit is directly related to your dog as a loose cable can have severe consequences for him in the same way that for you if you arrive at the apartment and you realize that the light is not discharged.

Remember that having that service is essential to be comfortable. If you move into your apartment Madrid and no light, contact a retailer, for example, Endesa has rated very competitive fire, to perform the management company for you.

After notifying the process, the power company; a question arises: how long will take to register the electrical service? The deadline to enjoy this service ranges from 5 to 7 days from companies check customer information. However, the period can change.

2. Do not make a move with him

Evítale your dog the process of moving. Pets get very nervous when they feel looming changes. The method of making boxes and furniture transport your pet will get stressed and … It ‘s not worth it! But if you’re not able to alienate your dog from moving, try to note as little as possible the process.

3. Do not hide your belongings

Keeps things your dog at the last minute so that when you get to your new home are the first who serves, and your pet will not overwhelm not see their toys, their water dish or trough.

4. Change your address

In the same way that you have to change the direction of your house in official documents, your dog must do the same. Do not forget to put the data in the new home for the record in his chip.

5. Do not you scold

When you are settled in your new home not scold your dog for taking your animal instinct. Leave it to recognize the new place, sniffing every corner, and find your site. This will be a matter of hours or days, be patient!

And if you need the help of a dog trainer positively, Count Us!

6. Do not let alone

The first days at home are vital to suit your pet. Do not enable too much time solely not to pass afraid or you take too much. When you’re in your new home together make him feel he is the king of the house.

7. Marcela new guidelines

If you’re tired of your pet ignore you when you say you do not climb into bed or not to bite the foot of the lamp that you like, the move is the golden opportunity to make change habits because now everything is new for him. But remember, always with patience and positive training. And quiet, everything will be fine!

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